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Immerse yourself in sweeping narrative expansions and decide the fate of Middle-earth!

Helms Deep Relief

Welcome to Middle-Earth

Join your favourite characters from the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit for epic adventures.
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Helms Deep Relief

Build a Mighty Rampart

Bring the sturdy strongholds of the Riddermark to your gaming table.
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Latest Releases

Learning to Paint Made Easy

Build and paint your Starter Set Miniatures with these handy kits.

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Spells, Sorcery and Scenery

Weild powerful endless spells and populate your battlefield with dramatic terrain.

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Regal Rulebook

Get the limited edition Core Book with leeather-effect cover and gorgeous slipcase.

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Enter If You Dare

Discover the Death Korps of Kreig as they assault a Necron world.

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