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Thranduil Image
King of Mirkwood
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Boromir Image
Heir to the Steward
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Watcher in the water Image
Watcher in the water
He be watching you at holler gate
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Smaug Image
Smaug is a Fire-drake hailing from the mountains far to the north.
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The Fellowship of the Ring Image
The Fellowship of the Ring
It was in Rivendell that Frodo made the decision to carry the Ring to Mordor and cast it into the fires of Mount Doom, thus ending its power forever. With him went eight companions, and collectively they were known as The Fellowship of the Ring.
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The Battle of Pelennor Fields Image
The Battle of Pelennor Fields
Recreate the Epic Battle as seen in The Return of the King
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Warg Riders Image
Warg Riders
Wargs are gigantic, evil wolves - massive and dangerous creatures with a cunning and carnivorous intelligence. Warg Riders scout far ahead of the main armies of Orcs and other evil creatures, spying out the land and picking off stragglers. In battle wargs swarm towards the foe in great packs, tearing the enemy down with bestial fury.

This box set contains 6 plastic Warg Riders, including 2 with spear, 2 with bow and 2 with sword. Models supplied with 40mm round bases.
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Gondor Battlecry Trebuchet Image
Gondor Battlecry Trebuchet
As the forces of Mordor bear down upon the gates of Minas Tirith, her defenders unleash the power of the Battlecry Trebuchets against their enemy’s ranks.
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Uruk Hai Siege Assault Ballista Image
Uruk Hai Siege Assault Ballista
The Uruk-hai army that besieged Helm’s Deep was no mere rabble, but a well-ordered host with weapons and wargear devised by the White Wizard himself.
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Mordor War Catapults Image
Mordor War Catapults
The catapults of Mordor are Sauron’s first port of call for when his armies need to breach enemy fortifications.
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Showing (1 - 10) of 23 Results
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